Looking for top consultants with International Trade and Retail backgrounds?

What we do

Powered with International Trade and Retail backgrounds, all our consultants are highly educated and have an impressive track record of success in business challenges.


DT-experts combine deep expertise and hands-on experiences in many Retail areas. If you do not see your specific area below, please contact us - not every area of our area expertise is represented here.

Consumer Products Production Wholesale
Physical stores
E-commerce Logistics Finance


DT-Experts consists of a core team in the Netherlands. Beside this core team, we make use of our broad network of experts. Based on the specific needs of our customers, we build the right team for each project. This allows us to create maximum value for our customers. If you are interested to join our team, please visit our Jobboard.


At DT-Experts, we don’t believe in one common approach. We design a customized approach for each customer based on their specific needs. In our eyes, every project is unique with its own characteristics and therefore we use always a mix of specific strategies, designs and methods. This ensures us to secure maximum and lasting results.